#2 ) Wooplus.com review 

Gone are the days when plus size women feel like living in a hell, as no man feels interested to her performance. These days, bigger women still can look gorgeous, even more charming than the one with the slimmer body. The secret is confidence. Without confidence, there is no way for any plus size women to get to know some men, who can love them just the way they are. This is the major concern of Wooplus dating sites.

So far, Wooplus remains as the main destination for ‘heavy women or men’, to find the one who really cares. Many Wooplus members have found their soulmates here, while others remain as best friends when the relationship can’t go along as expected. Anyway, what’s so special about Wooplus?

First of all, it’s free. Yes, many dating sites applies similar things. But, they only allow better features for paid members. Wooplus understands that every member deserves the best features, even if they don’t pay any dime for joining this website.

Second, its popularity is sky-rocketing significantly. The main reason is its unique feature, in which this is the only website where big beautiful women can meet big handsome men. Of course, the members are not limited for only big size members. Wooplus welcomes everyone, who seriously wants to have a relationship with plus size man or woman.

Third, this website offers excellent features for members to get to know each other in a much better way, such as free chat instantly, finding real profiles of each member, and a friendly feature that protect girl members from irresponsible men, who have no serious intention in having a relationship with a big woman.

Here, everyone is required to include his or her picture, in order to avoid misunderstandings among members. This large friend club also requires members to provide their interests, hobbies, and other details, unless personal information like bank account or social media passwords.

How to Join
Joining this plus size site requires a few clicks, before a member can easily browse around the website to find the perfect match. Signing up is as easy as filling the online form with an email account or Facebook account. Anyone can choose any of the methods, whichever that makes them convenience.


Find the one that melt your heart? Sending gifts is the most favorite feature of Wooplus. Who could resist on surprises? Or, members may want to play the matching tools. This is an interesting game which allow members to have fun by starting communication when they swipe the tool to similar direction.

For more personal approach, members can send private messages where they can keep their privacy.

There is no need to wait. Find it on AppStore or Play Store for free and find the love of your life through Wooplus.